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Rapid Response Line Filler
Hyaluronic Filling spheres rapidly hydrates and enters wrinkles and fine lines. This physical action almost immediately smoothes the skin surface while at the same time increasing the long-term hydration of the upper layers of the epidermis.

Luminous Peptide Serum with Co-Enzyme Q10
Clinical test results with palmitoyl pentapeptide-4: reduction of deep wrinkles 44%, reduction of main wrinkles density 37% and lifting effect increase by 16%. Clinical test results with bellis perennis (daisy) flower extract: reduction of melanin formation, antioxidative activity and significant lightening effects.

Refreshing Anti-Puff Eye Gel with Co-Enzyme Q10 and Peptides
Anti-aging formula designed to reduce puffiness and eye bags on all skin types. Clinical tests show a reduction in volume of by 65% within 28 days. Lightweight cooling gel is easily used with other moisturizers or sun protection formulas.

Glycolic Renewal Gel
The water-based formula moisturizes without oiliness. It conditions oily skin and helps clarify problem skin. Glycolic Acid, a natural exfoliating ingredient, encourages the skin to shed its surface coating of dead cells. If used on a daily basis, it helps diminish fine lines, scarring and skin discoloration. Anti-oxidants, Vitamins A and E are added to protect the skin from the damaging effects of free radicals, and to help improve elasticity. Squalane provides softness while replacing necessary oils.
Toners And Astringents
Herbal Blend Astringent
This herbal blend of eight extracts provides natural astringent properties to combination, oily and problem skin. All of the selected extracts help clarify and condition skin while giving the skin a revived and refreshing feel.

AHA / BHA Exfoliating Cleanser
A deep pore foaming cleanser which includes alpha and beta hydroxy acids of glycolic, lactic and salicylic. These natural acids loosen the bond of dead skin cells to accelerate the natural skin renewal process. Natural jojoba beads gently exfoliate the skin to prevent occlusion of pores, revealing a fresher and more youthful looking skin. Essential oil scented.

Ginseng mineral Toner
This multi-functional hydrating toner provides natural proteins to help maintain elasticity, bio-extracts effective in hydrating, and minerals that possess stimulating abilities which aid in the skin’s natural repair process.
Chamomile Cleansing Lotion
This gentle lotion cleanser was designed to cleanse skin thoroughly and remove make-up. Chamomile oil, and Vitamin A and E provide necessary healing moisture to prevent dry, red irritations. Irritation caused by harsh environment, such as weather or pollution, can be soothed by this balancing cleanser. Essential oil scented.

Limu Facial Cleanser
This gel cleanser is non-foaming, designed for all skin types. Two natural ingredients of selected marine algae, and the inner gel of aloe vera create a gentle but effective cleanser with no oils or harsh ingredients. Can be used as a shaving gel leaving the skin properly balanced. Essential oil scented.

Gentle Eye Make-up Removal
Quickly dissolves eye make up with no irritation. Formulated and designed to be similar to tears in order to prevent stinging the eye area. Oil free. Sulfate free.
Golden Series
Oxygen Revitalizing Cleanser
This invigorating and revitalizing cleanser awakens the skin with Ginseng Extract, Orchid extract and Glycoprotein. These key ingredients help to stimulate the skin, promoting oxygen revitalizing effects which are lost with aging. Japanese Green Tea is one of the most effective soothing ingredients and was selected to enhance this elegant formula.

Vital Hydrant Toner
A blend of vital extracts refresh, hydrate and stimulate sluggish skin. Ginseng Extract, Ginkgo Extract, Rosemary Extract and Glycoprotein promote oxygen revitalizing properties, which are lost with aging. Aloe Vera Barbadensis Gel, Chamomile Extract, Japanese Green Tea and Sea Kelp Extract soothe the skin, while lavender oil calms the senses.
The blend of three anti-oxidant vitamins A, E and C protect from free radical damage to the skin caused by environment .Excellent for ultra sensitive skin.

Super Firming Creme
This high tech complex provides ingredients that help firm and tighten aging skin while providing enhanced texture and the reduction in the appearance of wrinkles. Clinical studies confirm the effectiveness of this high performance creme, showing the reduction of superficial facial lines by 36% within 4 weeks, and increasing skin firmness by 21% within 4 weeks. Maximum doses of Vitamin E and Sodium Hyaluronate help protect and hydrate.

Glycolic Moisture Creme
A firming reconditioning daily treatment containing Glycolic Acid, a naturally derived exfoliant that encourages the skin to shed its surface coating of dead cells. A blend of Sodium hyaluronate and hydrolyzed glycosaminoglycans are added as lubricating moisturizers. A reduction of their concentration can lead to a deterioration of skin condition.

Complex C Serum
This highly concentrated (Pure Ascorbic Acid) vitamin C serum protects, hydrates and conditions skin without irritation. Vitamin C serum can be used under your day or night moisturizer. This Vitamin C system is in a “bio-engineered” capsule that resembles the human cells. This partition system allows the Vitamin C to absorb without being decomposed or destroyed by other biological activities and eliminates irritation. Recommended after laser treatments. Fragrance free.

Complex C Moisturizer
This highly advanced (Pure ascorbic Acid) Vitamin C crème protects, hydrates and conditions skin without irritation. Vitamin C is a major anti-oxidant in the body. It is well established that Vitamin C is essential for healthy skin. The mitochondria, which is the “energizing body” in the dermis, controls the production of collagen and elastin.Vitamin C helps to give the “triggering” effect for the mitochondria to give the command to produce more collagen. This Vitamin C system is in a “bio-engineered” capsule that resembles the human cell. This partition system allows the Vitamin C to absorb without being decomposed by other biological activities and eliminate irritation. Fragrance free.

Liposome Eye Gel
This treatment gel incorporates liposomes, one of the most effective delivery systems in skin care. The liposomes in this soothing gel are encapsulated with Japanese Green Tea which helps reduce skin irritation. Sodium Hyaluronate binds moisture and helps moisturize and lubricate tissues around the eye area. Great eye treatment for contact lens wearers. Fragrance free.
Bath And Body Treatments
Capsicum Hot Rub
This natural deep muscle rub contains Capsicum extract derived from the fruit of the cayenne pepper plant. Highly regarded by many herbalists as the most stimulating herb. Experience for yourself the wonderful cooling and relaxing effects of this rich greaseless crème. An excellent product for tense muscles caused by stress around the shoulders or the back of the neck area. Slightly cools the skin and stimulates blood flow, which aids in reducing inflammation to soothe muscles and reduce arthritis.

Orange Sorbet Body Crème
This soft and sensually scented body crème is designed with natural oils of avocado, jojoba, hazelnut, and sweet almond to provide extra hydration.
Anti-oxidants of vitamins A, E, & C are added to fight the damage caused by free radicals. Ginseng extract and dead sea salts provide reviving and toning properties in this skin loving crème. For best results, use immediately after bathing or anytime skin feels dry for a luxurious hydrating effect.

Natural Grain Shower Scrub
Applying this natural grain body scrub while bathing or showering gives an incredible new skin feel with its exfoliating and moisturizing ingredients. This multi-functional formula is very effective for parched, rough and weathered skin by removing dead skin on the surface and moisturizing the new surface revealed. With regular use this natural shower scrub will maintain a smooth and healthy skin texture.

Orange Sorbet Bath Gelee
This soft and sensually scented body gelee has mild surfactants especially chosen to gently cleanse your delicate skin. Orange extract, ginseng extract, aloe vera gel, and dead sea salts provide reviving and toning properties in this skin loving gelee.
I was a religious Brazilian bikini waxer for years (by the way Rosangela is phenomenal at Brazilian bikini waxing); however I love the laser hair removal. I just finished my third treatment and I am so pleased with the results. I noticed results after the first treatment and the hair disappears more and more with each time I go.

Erica F.
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